Evsco® Plastic Manual Elliptical Valves

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MFLX06472-27EA 116 EUR
MFLX06472-27 MFLX06470-45 MFLX06472-47 MFLX98150-03 MFLX06472-25 MFLX06470-25 MFLX98150-04 MFLX06470-47 MFLX06472-45 MFLX98150-01 MFLX98150-02 MFLX98150-00 MFLX06470-27 MFLX06470-57 MFLX06470-35 MFLX06472-17 MFLX06470-15 MFLX98151-04 MFLX06470-37 MFLX06472-15 MFLX06472-37 MFLX06472-57 MFLX06472-35 MFLX06470-55 MFLX98151-02 MFLX98151-03 MFLX98151-00 MFLX98151-01 MFLX06470-17
Evsco® Plastic Manual Elliptical Valves
Ventile Elliptische Ventile
No need to remove to clean.

  • Easy disassembly—simply pull out handle and push stem through bottom

Use elliptic valves for liquid, gas, and vacuum applications. Valves are easy to disassemble. Simply pull out the handle and push your stem through the bottom—allowing you to clean and maintain valves in-line. Four-position valves are clearly marked with flow patterns to ensure correct handle position.

Choose from FDA-grade PP or PVDF bodies. All valves have O-rings made of Viton®, 316 SS handles, threaded connections, and nonrestrictive orifices. Rated up to 150 psi at 77 °F and 230 °F (110 °C) at 50 psi (liquids).

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