Hayward® Simplex Basket Strainers, PVC

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MFLX29526-02EA 499 EUR
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Hayward® Simplex Basket Strainers, PVC
Filter Siebe
Ideal product for the removal of crude solids.

  • Low pressure drop with large straining capacity
  • Basket easily lifts out to clean or replace
  • True union connections permit easy removal of strainer assesmbly from process line

Protect pipes and process equipment from dirt and debris. The perforated baskets catch unwanted particles as the fluid passes through the strainer. Suitable for use in industries processing water, oil, paint, chemicals, or food.

Strainers are made of PVC and include FPM seals. The 1⁄2", 3⁄4", and 1" strainers include a 1⁄32" perforated basket; the 1-1⁄2" to 4" strainers include a 1⁄8" perforated basket. Extra baskets may be ordered separately below.

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