Masterflex® Strainer Mesh for Low-Cost In-Line Strainer Systems, Avantor®

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MFLX29595-31EA 12.6 EUR
MFLX29595-31 MFLX29595-33 MFLX29595-35 MFLX29595-39 MFLX29595-41 MFLX29595-43 MFLX29595-45 MFLX29595-47 MFLX29595-49 MFLX29595-51 MFLX29595-53 MFLX29595-55 MFLX29595-57
Masterflex® Strainer Mesh for Low-Cost In-Line Strainer Systems, Avantor®
Filter Siebe
Easily customize strainer system to suit your application.

  • Choose multiple mesh and micron sizes options based on required filtration area
  • Constructed of 304 stainless steel

Build your own economical filtration system to filter out particulates from your fluids. Available in three classes: low-profile, intermediate, and large. Modify or change components of the same class to meet the demands of your application.

Low-Profile Strainers are ideal for small-scale low-volume filtration. Use in research applications, cleaning equipment, and laboratory equipment.
Intermediate Strainers feature a large filtering area in a compact size. Perfect for commercial and industrial pumps and agricultural and marine applications.
Large Strainers are primarily used in industrial and commercial industries. They feature increased flow rate and large filtration area.

REQUIRED SYSTEM COMPONENTS—Order four components from the same class:
Strainer top
Strainer mesh
Strainer bottom

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