Mouse IL-17 ELISA kit

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Mouse IL-17 ELISA kit
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Mouse interleukin-17 AccuSignal ELISA kit

  • Natural and recombinant mouse IL-17.
  • There is no detectable cross-reactivity with other relevant proteins.
  • Expression system for standard: E.coli; Immunogen sequence:  T22-A158

IL-17 is an inflammatory cytokine produced primarily by a unique lineage of CD4 T cells that plays critical roles in the pathogenesis of multiple autoimmune diseases. Interleukin-17 is expressed by activated T cells and is 57% identical to the 17- to 26-kD secretory glycoprotein encoded by gene 13 of the herpesvirus saimiri(HVS-13). IL17 induces nuclear factor kappa-B and the expression of IL6, intercellular adhesion molecule-1, granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor,and prostaglandin E2, as well as the maturation of CD34 positive hematopoietic precursors into neutrophils. Anti-IL17 antibodies significantly inhibited osteoclast formation induced by culture media of RA synovial tissues. The standard product used in this kit is recombinant mouse IL-17, consisting of 137 amino acids with the molecular mass of 15.5KDa.

Useful in Sandwich ELISA for quantitative detection of antigen. Aliquot 0,1ml per well of the 1000 pg/ml, 500 pg/ml, 250 pg/ml, 125 pg/ml, 62,5 pg/ml, 31,2 pg/ml, 15,6 pg/ml mouse IL-17 standard solutions into the precoated 96-well plate. Add 0,1ml of the sample diluent buffer into the control well (Zero well). Add 0,1ml of each properly diluted sample of mouse cell culture supernates, serum or plasma(heparin, EDTA) to each empty well. It is recommended that each mouse IL-17 standard solution and each sample be measured in duplicate.

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