Grade 1V qualitative filter paper, fluted, Whatman™

Lieferant: Whatman products (Cytiva)
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Grade 1V qualitative filter paper, fluted, Whatman™
Filter Filterpapiere Qualitatives Filterpapier
Whatman Grade 1V lab filter paper from Cytiva business is a widely used pre-folded filter for many general filtration applications.

  • Nominal particle retention rating of 11 µm supports general filtration
  • Intermediate filtration speed (Herzberg 150 s)
  • Pre-folded filter for ease-of-use and time savings with conical filter funnels; avoids the need to quadrant-fold circles

Cytiva offers a full line of qualitative papers. As the pleated and pre-folded version of Whatman filter paper 1, Grade 1V is well suited for qualitative analysis in routine applications including: Separations of lead sulfate, hot calcium oxalate, and calcium carbonate; Agriculture, for soil analysis; Food quality testing to separate solid foodstuffs from associated liquid; Education, to teach simple qualitative analysis.

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