Gaussia luciferase glow assay kit, Pierce™

Lieferant: Thermo Scientific
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Gaussia luciferase glow assay kit, Pierce™
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The Thermo Scientific Pierce Gaussia Luciferase Glow Assay kit provides an extremely bright and stable bioluminescence signal (half-life greater than one hour), especially in the presence of Gaussia-Dura luciferase reporter.

  • Highly sensitive detection of Gaussia luciferase activity
  • Increased signal stability
  • Assay reagents compatible with other Gaussia luciferases
  • Automation-friendly amenable to high throughput assays
  • Contains a universal cell lysis buffer and optimized glow assay reagent
  • Allows one to perform non-radioactive assays

Light output generated by the luciferase reaction can be correlated to the amount of Gaussia luciferase protein produced and used to determine the activity of the promoter driving Gaussia expression

Kit may be stored at −80 °C, or individually at indicated temperatures.

The Gaussia Glow Assay Kit reagent yields a Gaussia-Dura luciferase reaction with glow-type kinetics and is recommended for luminometers without injectors or for applications requiring batch processing of samples.

The signal produced by Gaussia luciferase shows strong flash kinetics and is considerably greater than flash signals from either firefly or Renilla luciferases assayed under similar conditions.

Lieferumfang: Kit contains Gaussia Glow assay buffer (5 or 50 ml)(store at 4 °C); 100X Coelenterazine (50 or 500 ml) (store at −80 °C) and 2X Cell Lysis Buffer (6 or 60 ml) (store at room temperature).

Bitte beachten For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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