Kikkoman Easy Plates - Film Culture Media for Microbiological Testing

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Kikkoman Easy Plates - Film Culture Media for Microbiological Testing
Mikrobiologische Testsysteme Tests zur Überprüfung von Mirkoorganismen
Easy Plate are ready-to-use culture media prepared in an easy-to-use, stackable film plate format that saves space, reduces waste, eliminates preparation time and labor, and streamlines your test procedures.

  • Ready and easy to use: Place sample suspension onto the plate and start incubation
  • No special tools or spreaders are required due to a sterile ring around the plate that avoids loss of sample
  • Reduced incubation space and waste in comparison with standard Petri dishes
  • Easily distinguishable brightly colored colonies make it is easy to count colonies

The hydrophobic ring around the plate ensures sample suspension spreads evenly across the plate surface without the need for a spreader.

Zertifizierungen: AOAC certified: Independent third-party review and certification for test method performance.

Zubehörinformationen: Shelf life: 18 months after manufacturing date (12 months for Easy Plate SA)

Lieferumfang: 1 box with 100 plates.

Bitte beachten Store at temperatures between 2 and 8 °C.

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