HPLC Columns, Brownlee™ MPLC Catridges

Lieferant: PerkinElmer
PERC07110098EA 346 EUR
PERC07110098 PERC07110077 PERC07110033 554-6501 PERC07110035 PERC07110013 554-6504 PERC07110073 PERC07110096 PERC07110075 PERC07110090 PERC07110092 PERC07110117 PERC07110018 PERC07110019 PERC07110119 PERC07110014 PERC07110037 PERC07110015 PERC07110115 PERC07110016 PERC07110017 PERC07110039 PERC07110087 PERC07110043 PERC07110021 PERC07110121 PERC07110045 PERC07110023 PERC07110001 PERC07110100 PERC07110123 PERC07110024 PERC07110041 PERC07110085 PERC07110020 PERC07110106 PERC07110003 PERC07110047 PERC07110102
HPLC Columns, Brownlee™ MPLC Catridges
The MPLC cartridge system allows direct coupling of an analytical and NewGuard™ cartridge without introduction of any dead volume. A specific cartridge holder (30, 100, 220 mm) is required for each cartridge length.

  • Easy changing with fingertight cartridge
  • Avoids disconnecting of tubing from the LC system

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