Tangentialfluss-Filtrationssysteme, Minimate™ TFF

Lieferant: Cytiva (Formerly Pall Lab)
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Tangentialfluss-Filtrationssysteme, Minimate™ TFF
Filter Tangentialfluß-Systeme
Ideal für Konzentrationen, Entsalzen und Pufferaustausch im Laborbereich bis ca. 1 Liter Volumen.

  • High product recovery
  • Minimal sample loss
  • Greater efficiency
  • Gentle processing
  • Plug and play processing
  • Scalable operation

Versatile, self-contained capsules include all fittings and tubing to simplify installation into filtration set-ups and will work with any laboratory pump. Dual-pressure gauges allow trans-membrane pressure (TMP) differential calculations.

Streamline laboratory scale concentration, desalting and buffer exchange processes up to 1 litre.

Capsules feature glass-reinforced polypropylene housing, polypropylene screens, housing sealing with fittings, polyethylene membrane plate/filtrate channels, and an internal gasket made of ethylene propylene elastomer.

- Concentrate and desalt proteins, peptides or nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, oligonucleotides)

The Minimate™ TFF system, designed to work with the Minimate™ TFF capsule, is ideal for a variety of tangential flow filtration applications in biotechnology, molecular biology, protein chemistry, microbiology and immunology. This ready to use system can concentrate and desalt proteins, peptides or nucleic acid sample volumes of up to 1 L or more efficiently concentrate samples to as little as 5 ml. System also features gentle and efficient processing, easy cleaning and maintenance, compact design, and high concentration factors.

The optimised flow path design of the capsules coupled with low protein binding Omega™ (modified polyether sulfone) ultrafiltration membrane minimise non specific binding. Capsules allow concentration and desalting processes to be performed on the same system with minimal user intervention. Several Minimate™ TFF capsules may be connected in parallel for increased membrane area.

- Concentrate viruses or gene therapy vectors

Zertifizierungen: Each Minimate capsule is 100% integrity tested during manufacture to ensure reliable performance. For critical applications, the user can re-test the integrity after initial use. A Certificate of Quality is included with each capsule.

Zubehörinformationen: Minimate Fittings Kit (29301-928) contains: Male Luer to 3,2 mm (¹/₈") hose barb, female Luer to 3,2 mm (¹/₈") hose barb, 3,2 mm (¹/₈") ID tubing, tubing screw clamp, tubing clamps, adhesive strips (loop and hook).

Bestellinformation: System includes a pump, pump head, 2 pressure gauges, 500 ml reservoir, stir plate and magnetic stir bar, valves, fittings, and a compact drip tray. 110 to 230 VAC input.

The tangential flow filtration systems Minimate™ EVO

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