Ionenstärkeanpassungslösungen (ISA) zur Verwendung mit ionenselektiven Elektroden

Lieferant: Thermo Scientific
ORIO940999EA 494 EUR
ORIO940999 662-0851 662-0882 662-0881 662-0833 662-0745 662-0813 662-0857 662-0824 662-0812 ORIO951210 ORIO951011 662-0829 662-0818 662-0828 662-0838 662-0816 ORIO956410
Ionenstärkeanpassungslösungen (ISA) zur Verwendung mit ionenselektiven Elektroden
Elektrolyte Elektrodenfülllösungen
Ionic strength adjustors are used for analysis with ion selective electrodes, and special reagents are used with some ion selective electrodes.

  • Ionic strength adjuster is added to all samples and standards to create a uniform background ionic strength, which provides more reproducible measurements
  • Ammonia pH-adjusting ISA and low-level ammonia pH-adjusting ISA both include a pH-indicating blue dye for instant verification of correct pH in ammonia samples and standards with no pH measurement required
  • Ammonia pH-adjusting ISA prevents complexation of ammonia and inhibits formation of metal hydroxides, allowing determination of total ammonia in the sample and increasing the accuracy of results
  • Low-level ammonia pH-adjusting ISA is ideal for ammonia samples with a concentration of 10 ppm and below that do not contain metal interferences

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