Capillary columns, Elite-1 for autosystem

Lieferant: PerkinElmer
PERCN9316010EA 936 EUR
PERCN9316010 PERCN9316054 PERCN9316011 PERCN9316012 PERCN9316013 PERCN9316057 PERCN9316058 PERCN9316014 PERCN9316015 PERCN9316016 PERCN9316017 PERCN9316050 PERCN9316051 PERCN9316030 PERCN9316052 PERCN9316031 PERCN9316053 PERCN9316018 PERCN9316019 PERCN9316021 PERCN9316043 PERCN9316065 PERCN9316022 PERCN9316001 PERCN9316023 PERCN9316045 PERCN9316002 PERCN9316024 PERCN9316046 PERCN9316047 PERCN9316025 PERCN9316003 PERCN9316026 PERCN9316004 PERCN9316048 PERCN9316049 PERCN9316005 PERCN9316006 PERCN9316028 PERCN9316062 PERCN9316063 PERCN9316064 PERCN9316580 PERCN9316020 PERCN9316029 PERCN9316007 PERCN9316008 PERCN9316009
Capillary columns, Elite-1 for autosystem
The Elite-1 columns are 100% dimethyl polysiloxane and come in a variety of sizes.

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