Tabletop reaction units, labscale

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Tabletop reaction units, labscale
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These table top reaction units are used for stirring under normal pressure or vacuum, with possibility of addition of liquids and boiling under reflux.

High quality system components include:

Reaction Vessels (100, 250, 500, 1000 or 2000 ml): made of DURAN® tubing, with thermostatic jacket and bottom discharge valve.

Flat flange lid (LF 60 or LF 100): DURAN®, with center neck and two angled side necks.

Cylindrical funnels (100 or 250 ml): DURAN® tubing, with graduation.

Reflux condensers: made of DURAN® tubing.

Stirrer guide and stirrer: with 10 mm stirrer shaft and lateral PTFE blade.

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