HPLC columns, Acclaim™ mixed-mode WAX-1

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HPLC columns, Acclaim™ mixed-mode WAX-1
These columns result in a multimode separation mechanism including hydrophobic, anion-exchange and cation-exclusion interactions. Consequently, retention of basic, neutral and acidic molecules can be either independently or concurrently adjusted by changing ionic strength, pH and organic solvent content in the mobile phase.

  • Adjustable selectivity
  • Selectivity orthogonal to reversed-phase (RP) columns
  • Ideal selectivity for anionic molecules
  • Simultaneous separation of acidic, basic and neutral molecules
  • Multimode retention mechanisms: reversed- and normal phase, anion-exchange, cation-exclusion and HILIC modes

Particle type: high purity, spherical silica

Max. pressure: 5800 psi (4500 psi for 3,0×50 mm column, 5200 psi for 4,6×150 mm column)

Flow rate range: 0,2 to 0,5 ml/min for 2,1 mm ID formats; 0,4 to 1,0 ml/min for 3,0 mm ID formats; 0,8 to 2,0 ml/min for 4,6 mm ID formats

pH range: 2,5 to 7,5

Max. temperature: 50 °C

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